Chugg Entertainment Michael Chugg & Matthew Lazarus-Hall - our big Aussie brothers in show biz

Lunatic Entertainment the crazy equivalent of us in Sydney, run by Danny Rogers - one of Laneway's founders

Crazy Brave the name may sound like a recipe for disaster, but we love Sham's house parties as much as the videos he produces for us! (See our Laneway page)

Get Notorious is Jerome Borazio, our other crazy mate in Australia, who founded Laneway and many too cool hole-in-the-wall places in Melbourne

Silkroad a consultancy firm founded by the chain-smoking Colleen Ironside, one of the rare few female power figures in this industry

Grafunkt our favourite furniture designers, Nathan Yong and Jefery Kurniadidjaja, who are always game for something fun

The Agency Group which has a roster as comprehensive as a dictionary

Diva Productions helmed by our favourite posh Brit Heather Riley who also runs the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre here in Singapore

Photo Pit Access serial snapper Aloysius Lim has shot more rock stars (on camera) than Sylvester Stallone has shot Vietnamese soldiers in Rambo

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